We are an authorized reseller for Elite Software’s HVAC programs. These programs allow the contractor to quickly and efficiently perform many HVAC tasks.

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TftT has teamed up with HeatSpring to offer courses online. These are self-paced courses that you can take at your convenience. Some are courses you can take in an hour or two. Some are longer and include an exam at the end of each chapter to ensure you understand the material.

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Training manuals on Elite’s software, general reference books for the HVAC technician as well as information on ductwork, controls, electricity, and more.

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Videos are a great way to learn new material. TftT has video training for Elite Software and other technical topics. We also have videos from Lama Books and Technical Training Associates.

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Contact us 24 / 7 for help with the software, to schedule training or to order the software or other training material.

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