A quick way to start your project

We advise our customers to set up a file that includes their general information and save the file as a default. Then whenever you start a new project you open this file and your default information is automatically entered.

There’s another way to get this default to enter quickly.

On the Menu Bar click on Tools and then Options. Open Project1

Under the New Project tab are two options – Show New Project Dialog and Copy this file:

If you click on the Copy this file: radio button you can select a default program to open automatically when you open RHVAC.  You don’t get the option to Open a project.

Quic project 2This quickly gets you into the doing your heat load.

You can change this back to Show New Project dialog or select a file to use as a default to automatically open.

The project file can have as much information as you want to include – just the General Project Data information, the Default Data, the Room Data for multiple rooms…whatever you want to include for speeding up the process of doing a heat load.

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