Adding Default Information into Room Data

The developers of RHVAC understand that we all have different ways of thinking; so, they give us different ways to do the same task. You just use the one that is most comfortable for you,

For example, when you enter data into the Default Room Data screen, there are several ways to read that default data into the Room Data Screen.

First you can automatically enter all the information in the default data screen into a room when you create a new room.

add defaults 2


Select Tools on the menu bar and then click Options.

Put a check mark next to “Copy all default material to rooms created in Room Data Window.” This is qll it take to get the default material added to the first line of all new rooms. (Note: If you have more than one wall or glass or other construction material in the room, you will have to add those lines manually.)

add defaults 3








add defaults 4For most projects this method is going to make doing a heat load for 90 percent of your projects very quick. But every now and then you get an unusual house with different materials in each room or a large number of interior rooms that don’t have walls, windows and maybe no floor or roof. Using the Copy all… method will cause you to spend a lot of time deleting a lot of material. In that case you want to uncheck the “Copy all default material…” function.

We just added a room. Notice that the floor and the roof materials are entered but not the wall. Notice also that the little houses are yellow. We’ve turned on the option to add just the floor and roof into the room.

To add walls, glass or doors to the room, put the cursor on a material line and click on the D R icon. The material in default fills in  the material type and U-Value. You can use this on any line of construction material.add defaults 5


The All icon reads the material for all types – roof, floor, walls, glass and door – into the room. But note: this will only fill in the first line for each material type.

Finally there are keyboard shortcuts.  The F6 key copies the information in the default room data into a line where you have put the cursor. The F5 key will copy all the information from the line above.

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