Adjust the CFMs to match the Air Handler

RHVAC calculates the CFM requirements for the structure. These CFMs will not necessarily be the same as the CFMs of the equipment to be installed.

In RHVAC the CFMs of the unit can be manually entered and the software adjusts the CFMs for each room according to the  CFMs generated by the equipment. RHVAC automatically recalculates the CFMs for each room.

This tip comes from TFTT partner, Phil Granier.

blower unit

Adjust CFMs 1

In the System Data Screen, (that’s the red blower wheel) click on the down arrow next to System Air type (in the right column). Change the field from Auto to Fixed.



The System CFM field is now active. In the System CFM field type in the CFMs of the air handler.

Normally, you only need to enter one system CFM value. If you have an air handler that will operate a a different speed for the heating season you can provide the CFMs for that situation in the System CFM Htg. field.

Air Handler 2

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