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General Reference Books

General books graphicDoolin’s Trouble Shooter’s Bible, by James H. Doolin….$89.00


La Biblia Doolin para el Técnico Reparador (Available in Spanish)

Troubleshooting  refrigeration and air conditioning for residential, commercial and auto systems.

HVAC Technician’s Handbook, by Leo A. Meyer……….$36.00      

Reference for hydronics, airflow, heat transfer, and electrical systems/motors. Covers v-belt sizes, fan laws, equations for heat flow, flow through coils, and electrical values. Learn “rules of thumb” to estimate if components are operating in a safe range and identify sources of problems.

Instruments for HVAC Work, by Leo A. Meyer……….$36.00       

Describes the instruments commonly used in the HVAC industry, as well as how to properly care for and use them. Learn the typical makes and models commonly used and the ones that every technician should be familiar with.

Math for the Technician, by Leo A. Meyer……….$36.00       

Gives practical applications to HVAC for measurement, fractions and decimals, squares, cubes and roots, ratios and proportion, area, volume, angles and triangles.

HVAC Security & Safety, by Leo A. Meyer……….$36.00       

Learn how to conduct a vulnerability assessment of any building’s HVAC system and evaluate retrofit possibilities. This book covers contaminants, blackouts, terrorism, and more.

Safety for the Indoor Environment Technician, b

Provides the basis for an OSHA-required shop safety program as a reference, reminder, and guide.

Careers in the HVAC Industry, b

Find a fulfilling and profitable career with this guide to planning and understanding the wide range of opportunities in the industry.



air flow graphicBooks on Air Flow and Duct Systems

Airflow in Ducts, b.………$36.00       

Learn how duct sizes and fittings affect airflow. Cover static pressure, velocity pressure, total pressure, dynamic loss and friction loss.

Layout for Duct Fittings, b

Master any situation with principles and shortcuts for laying out the patterns for all the common rectangular and round duct fittings and transitions.

Practice Projects for Layout for Duct Fittings, b……….$36.00       

A companion workbook for Layout For Duct Fittings, contains 23 projects that closely resembles job conditions of measuring, fabricating, and installing a duct run.

Tips for Residential HVAC Installation, b……….$36.00       

Practical tips on tools and materials,installing ducts, panning, takeoffs and connections, field modifying ducts,using drive cleats, hangers and supports.

Indoor Air Quality,




Basics of Electricity, by Leo A. Meyer……….$36.00       

Explains practical electricity as applied to HVAC work. Covers AC/DC circuits, magnetism, series and parallel circuits, reactance, capacitors and capacitive reactance, power factor, electrical work, transformers, and safety.

 Control System Basics for HVAC Technicians, by Leo A. Meyer……….$36.00       

Explains how three basic subsystems use four basic components, and uses pneumatic control systems. Makes direct digital controls easy to understand. Includes English-Spanish trade terms.



other booksFans

Fans and V-Belt Drives, by Leo A. Meyer ……….$36.00       

Learn about the fan types, how to calculate fan speeds to get the CFM you need, how to change v-belts properly and safely.


Refrigeration for HVAC Technicians, by Leo A. Meyer ……....$36.00       

Covers the basic principles of refrigeration, chillers and compressors, refrigeration components, and how refrigeration units fit into HVAC systems.


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