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Changes to the Load – Change Tabular

May,7,2017 at 2:31 am

You’ve completed the load and calculated the duct using the Tabular function.

Now your client tells you they are going to put a vaulted ceiling in the family room and dining room and put in some skylights. Obviously this will change the load for these rooms. And it wlll change the duct sizes. 

Will Tabular make the change for you?

Here’s our house – well the part of it that will change. We’re going to add one skylight in the Dining room and two in the Family Room.









Before we added the vaulted ceiling and skylights, our net gain for the Family Room is 3,012 and the System CFMs (which will define the duct size) is 166 CFMs. The Dining Room is 1,315 Net Gain and the System CFMs is 74. Here’s the Load Preview and the Tabular Duct sizing.

Now we will add the vaulted ceiling and skylights in the Family Room and Dining Room.

When we refresh the Load preview we find that the Family Room is now 6,375 Net Gain and requires 309 System CFMs. The Net Gains and CFMs for the Dining Room have also increased.

If you have closed Tabular, the changes will be automatically entered when you open Tabular again.






However, if Tabular is open, you can force the change by using the Recalculate Loads button on the top of the Tabular screen.

Customizing the Tool Bar – Part 1

October,18,2016 at 4:26 pm

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