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Changing colors on interior walls in drawing

We had a request from a contractor to make the drawing a little easier to interpret. He gave the drawings to the installers to for determining where to put the duct. But the light gray lines that separate the rooms made it a little difficult to read. We were able to fix that for him.

Here’s how you do it.

This is the drawing – or part of it.

You can see those light gray lines pretty well on the computer screen. But they may not print out that well. Or they might just be too light for you.






Click on any room in the drawing and then click the right mouse button. Find General Room Settings and then Room Drawing Options.




The second line from the top is the fill and line color and style for the interior walls – those not used to calculate the load.







Let’s look at the options under the Fill Color and Style. Click on the down arrow next to the Fill Color column. Select the color you want from the drop down list. Let’s use the red for this example.


Once the color is selected click on Apply.


You may have noticed, if you are following along with these instructions that nothing happened.


That’s because the fill style is Transparent.








We’ll change that to a Diagonal Cross. Click the Apply Button.





Notice that the fill color and line style are distinctly different from the flex and that it is easier to see the division between rooms.










We can also change the line. In the third column is the line color. It is currently a light gray. Let’s make is red. The default setting is dotted. Perhaps you want the walls to stand out a little more. Let’s change dot to Solid.



When we hit apply the division between the rooms is very noticeable but they don’t conflict with the flex duct – it’s very easy to see the difference.


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