Closed the project before I saved it

computer shut down 2

Ice and snow, wind, or just someone tripping over the computer’s power cord – there lots of reasons your RHVAC file get’s closed before you have saved your work.  (We know you didn’t do it!)

What do you do?

First of all, don’t panic. You don’t have to start again. There is a way to get the unsaved project back.

Open your RHVAC.

Select Open Project.

You should see a file labeled with a tilde tilde(did you know that’s what it’s called) UNTTLO.unsaved project1

That’s your unsaved project.

Select that file. Double check to make sure it has the information you had computer shut down 3entered. If you’re confident this is the file you want, save it immediately.

Now keep on entering your heat load information.


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