Customize the Menu Bar – Part 2

In the last issue we showed you how to make the icons on the menu bar easier to see. Now we’re going to show you how to organize the toolbar so you can find the functions you use the most quickly.customize 2_1

Select the Tools option on the Menu Bar. Down toward the bottom is Toolbar. Highlight that and select the Customize function.

Here’s another quick tip – you can get to this selection by putting your cursor anywhere  on menu bar with the icons. Click on the right mouse button. Now you have a Customize Main Window’s Toolbar…option.

customize 2_2








If you get a little blue circle cursor that seems to be “working” – just going around and around, don’t worry about it.

Put your cursor over the File Cabinet icon. Click on it with the left mouse button to get a black box surrounding it.customize 2_3

Hold down the left  mouse and drag the file cabinet icon straight across to the left. You’ll see a little I bar on the menu bar. Place that I-bar icon all the way to the left on the menu bar and let go of the mouse button. Be careful, don’t let the I-bar icon go off the bar.customize 2_4

The File Cabinet is now the first icon on the Tool Bar.

customize 2_5



Did you lose the File Cabinet? That’s because you let the I-bar go off the screen. No problem, it can be fixed. Go to Tools, Toolbars and select Reset. Everything goes back to the original order and you can start again.

Next do the same thing with the the blue letter D but place it to the right of the File Cabinet. Complete the Tool Bar reorganization by moving the blue letter R, the Red Blower, and the Load Preview icon.

The Toolbar is organized in the order that you typically use – General Project Data, Default, Room Data, System Data and Load Preview. You can move other icons if you wish.





One other quick hint. If you don’t like the color scheme, put your cursor somewhere in the Toolbar and click on the right mouse button. Select Toolbar Style.  The Menu bar colors and other images change depending on which style you select.

customize 2_8


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