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Customizing the Tool Bar – Part 1

Did you know that you can customize the menu bars? There are many ways to change the menu bar in RHVAC to make it easier to see and use. Over the next couple of months we’ll give you some ideas.

Do you struggle to find the icons on the menu bar? Do you find yourself with your nose inches away from the screen, squinting to see the little icons? We can help you fix that.

Place your cursor in the gray area to the right of the icons. Click the right mouse button and select Customize Main Window’s Toolbar..menu bar 1 Or select Toolbars / Customize under the Tools function on the Menu bar.

Click on the Options tab and then put a check in the Large Icons field.menu bar 2









Notice that the icons are a lot larger – easier to see if you are using a laptop or tablet.

large icon 2



The drawback to this is the toolbar takes up a lot of room on the screen. That can be fixed. But it is easier to do this before you enlarge the icons.

See the down arrow next to the N?  Click on the down arrow. menu bar 4

Then select Add or Remove Buttons.

menu bar 5Every item with a check next to it appears on the menu bar.  Uncheck the functions that you don’t use a lot.

We unchecked a bunch of functions.

See the down arrow next to the question mark in the green bubble?  Click on that. Then select Add or Remove Buttons. Uncheck items you don’t need on the Menu Bar.menu bar 6

This is what our menu bar looks like now.



menu bar 7




One more step will give us a better menu bar. There’s a lot of empty space on the right side of the Menu Bar. We can move the icons on the bottom up.

Look on the far left of the bottom bunch of icons. You’ll see a line of small dots – look hard, they menu bar 9are a little hard to see.

Put your cursor over the top of line of dots. The cursor changes to four arrows.menu bar 10  Hold down your left mouse and drag and drop the section of icons to the right side of the icons on the top line.

Let go of the mouse. Now you have a single line of icons but there are fewer than before.

menu bar 11

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