Did I enter the …?

Have you ever gotten almost finished with the heat load for a large house and don’t remember did I forget questionif you put the powder room in, or added the equipment for the kitchen, or the people? I do it all the time.

You could go through one room at a time in the room data screen. But if you have a large project with lots of rooms it can still be a little confusing.

Here’s a way to get a quick overview of all the rooms in the project and what data you have put into the room. The Explore Current Project function.

Open a project. Now look for the Explore Current Project icon on the menu bar.did I forget 2

When you click on the icon with your left mouse button a list of all the rooms in project appear on the bottom of the screen.

Did I forget 3


This is where you can find out if you forgot a room since you see a list of all the rooms in the project.


Did I forget 4










Now click on one of the rooms. Notice that details about the room are listed on the right. So you can figure out if you put your internal loads – people and equipment – into the room.

When you select the System line you see Did I forget 5details from the System Data Screen.



Using the Explore Current Project function is a lot easier and faster than going to every data entry screen to make sure you got everything entered.

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