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Do You Want To Check for Updates?

When you open the software many of you get a message asking you if you want to check for updates. Many people select no so they can get right to doing the heat load. Some people turn the notification off because they find it annoying.

Elite Software is constantly updating and improving their programs.  If you don’t update regularly, then you don’t have access to the new features that are added to the program.

Elite Software has a simple nice way to update your program without wasting time updating when you don’t need to Update 1– they will send an email notice that they have an update.




From the menu bar go to Help. Now find Elite Software on the Web and select Program Updates.

This takes you directly to the Elite Software Program Update page.updte 2






Scroll down to the programs you own.

We’re using RHVAC for this example.update 3

Notice the Notify Me button. Click on  that and a new dialog page opens.

Update 4

Enter your email address and from this time forward you will be notified whenever Elite has an update. The email notice has a link for you to follow.

Now you can turn off the annoying reminder that pops up when you open RHVAC or any of the other programs.

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