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Hit the Load, J DVD ……….   $85


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A companion to Hit the Load, J, our instructional book to Elite Software’s RHVAC. Now includes instructions on Tabular.

Hit the Load, J DVD is a jump-start on Elite Software’s RHVAC residential and light commercial heat load software. The video gives close to an hour of step-by-step instruction on the basics of the program,. Follow along with a sample project calculating a residential heat load. The DVD also has many useful tips and shortcuts for making your heat load calculations fast and easy!

Hit the Load, J DVD now includes instructions on Tabular – Manual D Ductsize tool built into RHVAC9

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 Now That’s a Plan (Part 1) ………. $65          


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A companion to Now That’s a Plan, our instructional book on Drawing Board.

A jump start on Drawing Board, Now That’s a Plan is a guide to Elite Software’s Drawing Board, the graphical add-on to RHVAC. This DVD will show you how to complete a heat load calculation in the Drawing Board interface faster than ever! In no time at all you will be blazing through your Manual J calculations in minutes instead of hours!

A useful companion to our book, Now That’s a Plan, which offers an in-depth instruction on Drawing Board.

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Right on the Money……..$85


A complete video guide to Elite’ Bill of MaterialsBOM label 2017

This in-depth video includes step-by-step instructions of all the features in Bill of Materials. The program comes with over 12,000 parts or you can import your own parts from a spreadsheet. Bill of Materials searches your duct layout which was done in either Tabular Manual D or MD Ductsize and compiles a complete vendor parts list and customer estimate. The software can find parts included in the project and add other parts and accessories needed with that part with the Auto-Add function. Assemblies of supplies can be combined into a single group and added with a single mouse click. The video is divided into chapter to easily refer to any the section.




chvac labelCHVAC 101 ……….$169          

An in-depth guide to Elite Software’s best-selling commercial heat load calculation program.

Covers everything you need to know to use CHVAC to perform a commercial heat load calculation based on ASHRAE Standard 62. The information provided is relevant whether your project is a small commercial storefront or a towering office building. Detailed information is given on every window and input you will be likely to use in a typical heat load calculation, and the video covers them in the order you would normally use them in a typical project.

This may be a major source to learn Elite’ s CHVAC.

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 Basic Duct Principles……..  $95          


Teaching the basics of residential duct system design.

Basic Duct Principles is an in-depth introduction to designing and sizing your duct system. This video covers the basic topics every HVAC installer should know when designing a duct system, from the various design types, design considerations like building codes, and properly sizing the duct system.

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4 training DVDs ……..$275          

Hit the Load J which includes Tabular, Now That’s a Plan, CHVAC 101 and Duct Principles. A $414 value – save over 35%

3 training DVDs on just Elite Software …….$225       

Hit the Load J which included Tabular, Now That’s a Plan,  and CHVAC 101. A $319 value – save over 30%

DVDs on Elite Residential Software only……..$115

Hit the Load J which includes Tabular and Now That’s a Plan. A $175 value – save over 20%

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