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Editing Lists in RHVAC

It’s not unusual to have a room in a house whose name is not in the list of room names. Our advice is just type it in.

But did you know that you can edit this list?

Click on the down arrow next to the room name field on the top of the Room Data Screen.Edit room name

The first selection is Edit common room names…

(Hint: if you don’t see this selection make sure you are all the way at the top by clicking on the up arrow or moving the scroll bar up.)

A NotePad document opens. Edit the list then save it (File Save) and the room name is now edit room names 2part of the RHVAC program.


Edit names combined





Many of the dropdown menus in RHVAC can be edited, including the Equipment load; the Overhang; Radiator BTUs/ft. and others.

Just look for the Edit …  or Click here to edit…at the top of the list.



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