Entering Skylight

No matter how many heat loads I’ve done with RHVAC there is always something that I forget – mainly because I don’t do it often enough for it to stick in my memory. That’s exactly what happened last week when entering a skylight.

So I thought it would be useful to run you through the steps – just in case you’re like me and forgot.

First you select Skylight in the windows section and the reference line for the roof. Then change the direction from Up to the direction of the roof. No problems so far, rioght?

Did you get this error message?skklylight 1

Here’s what we are doing wrong.


skylight 2Click on the down arrow next to the Glass material and then click on the Skylight tab. Select the glass material in the sections on the left.

Now look on the right side. See the Skylight Tilt field? It is set at 0? This indicates that the skylight is flat.



skylight 3










Click on the down arrow and select the angle of the roof line. Select the appropriate angle and click OK. That will fix the problem.

Don’t know what the angle will be? There are several handy calculators online to calculate the pitch.

Myroof.com (https://myrooff.com/roof-pitch-calculator/)

Pole Barn (https://www.pole-barn.info/roof-pitch.html)

My Carpentry (https://www.mycarpentry.com/roof-pitch-calculator.html)

There lots more. Just search the internet for The angle of a pitched roof.

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