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Fixing the Catalog Browser in Drawing Board

label box 1Sometimes, in Drawing Board, the Object Properties box and/or the Catalog Browser will get “disconnected” from the frame. This could be a good thing, since you can move these boxes around on the screen. But if you are used to these boxes being snapped to the left hand border, it can be frustrating.

It’s easy to get them reconnected.





label box 2


First, Put your cursor on the bar on the top that labels the box. Here we’re going to snap the Catalog Browser back.

Double click with the left mouse button quickly and the box snaps to the left of the ruler bar.

Now do the same thing for the Object Properties box.

label box 3


Quick note on this – you want to attach the Catalog Browser first and then the Object Properties box.


Sometimes the two boxes will be side by side instead of top to bottom. If that happens just grab the label band for the Object Properties dialog box and move it down and to the left. It may fight you but keep at it and eventually you will have the two boxes where you want them.

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