Get your AHRI Certification

Need an AHRI Heating and Cooling Certification? Did you know you could get it directly from RHVAC?

There are several places in the software that you can use to get the certification.

  1. In the toobar of the System Data Screen are Get Htg. Cert. and Get Clg Cert. selections.ahri 1

ahri 2

After you have selected the equipment, click on either the heating or the cooling certificate link.  You are sent to the appropriate AHRI web site, AND the program copies the heating model or the cooling AHRI ahri 3reference number.

In the AHRI Heating Certificate site, right click on the first line and select paste. Complete the rest of the form, then enter the code at the bottom right and you will be redirected to AHRI’s page where you get the certificate.

ahri 4





2. You can access the AHRI site to get a certificate through the Tools function on the Menu Bar.

Click on Tools and find the AHRI Link option, then the type of equipment. You will be sent to the appropriate AHRI page. But you will need to type in the AHRI Reference Number or Certified Reference Number.

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