Heat Loads

We do heat loads from a PDF ground plan or your rough sketch.

  • Block Load – Manual J only – $125
  • Room-by-room Manual J  – 12¢ per sq. ft.
  • Room-by-room Manual J with either a Manual D or Manual S – 15¢ per sq. ft.
  • Room-by-room Manual J, D and S – 18¢ per sq. ft.

What do we need? Just the plan, construction material and the direction of the front door.

Here’s how we work – we:

  • create custom material, when necessary, for the new construction material used in homes today, including contacting the manufacturer to get data.
  • find sensible equipment loads for uncommon equipment such as a treadmill, elevator or wine cooler.
  • use code requirements for your area, whenever possible, to make sure your material and system design meet those codes.
  • make modest changes if necessary at no charge, even if you made a change in the specs.
  • turn the job around in 3 days or less.

When we have completed the load, you own it. We will send you the project files – no additional costs. But we always keep a copy of the load and any communications about the structure for your protection.

TftT is insured for liability from errors and omission.

Call us at 859-468-6000 •  or email to tftt@tftt.org

Don’t need a Heat Load right now but you might soon? If you are like us, when you need our help you will have trouble finding where you saved our contact information.

Not to worry. Click on this link, save the PDF file to you computer, fill it out and click on the submit button. We will send you gentle reminders once a month.

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