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Help with Equipment Sensible Load

RHVAC has a table of the sensible and latent loads for equipment. Using this function makes your estimate of sensible equipment much more accurate for each room in the house.

But some explanation on how to use this section is required.

Here’s a picture of the top portion of the screen.

The Continuous Use Output  Sensible and Latent BTUh section is the equipment load for the equipment when it is running continuously. But most equipment in a home is not running all the time. For example a refrigerator is running all the time but a stove is not.

The Diversity Factors allows you to define how much of the equipment is running – when it’s running and how much it runs through the day.

The Average In Use Output define how much of the equipment is running when it is on. For example, most stoves have four burners, but on average only one or two burners are in use at the same time. So the Average In Use Output for one burner would be 25 – or 25% of the equipment is on.

Now say that the burner is on for 15 minutes. Then the Percent Used Per Hour would be 25 or 25% of the hour (15 minutes is one quarter of the 60 minutes in the hour).

Granted this information is just a guess. But you don’t want to take the worst case scenario – like Thanksgiving Day when every burner is on and on all day. Take a reasonable guess.


One more thing – some of the equipment information is old and there are some common equipment ot included. We’ve found a few items that you can add to your list is you want. (We covered how to add to your Equipment list is a previous newsletter. Just go to the Blog on our web site www.tftt.org/wordpress/blog) to find the article.) Here’s a quick review on how to enter the data.

And here are a few new items to add to your Equipment list. (We’ve set it upso you just need to highlight each one and paste them into the equipment data file. Just don’t copy the bullet at the beginning of the line.):

  • B,Laptop,205,0,100,50
  • B,Cable Converter Box,119,0,100,100
  • B,Game Console,512,0,100,25
  • B,Flat Screen TV-32″,171,0,100,25
  • B,Satellite TV Receiver,113,0,100,100
  • B, Freezer,682,0,100,100
  • B,Plasma TV-42″,819,0,100,25
  • B,Jacuzzi tub motor,300,0,100,10

Most of these values were found on various Electric Utility Company’s web pages. Do you  have others? Send them to us.

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