This may seem basic, but it is amazing how many people don’t know about the great help in RHVAC. RHVAC has a comprehensive built in manual.


No matter where you are in the program you’ll find a green circle with a questions mark. With your cursor in any field in the program, click on the question mark and you’ll get help for that field.

Here’s an example:

help2The cursor is on the Roof/Ceiling line in the Room Data Screen. When we click on the Question Mark in the green circle a help screen opens. You can also get to this screen by hitting the F1 or Fn F1.











Here’s the help screen:help4













On the left side of all help screens is a section that allows you to view the contents of all the help “chapters,” an index to look up help by topics, a tab to search for content and a place to set up favorites.




When you click on the help button the page is a very comprehensive explanation on the topic. But for some this is awfully hard to read – the text is just so small.

You can enlarge it.

Hold down the Control Key (CTRL) and then click on the plus sign (+). The text gets larger and easier to read. Keep clicking on the plus key until the text is as large as you need. You can do this with any of the help screens. And this enlarged version will be there the next time you go to the help screen.

Is it too big? Then you can hold down the Control Key (Ctrl) and then click on the minus key (-). Now it will get smaller.

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