How many people did I put in?

Okay, this is a common problem…

You finish the load and you are confident you’ve added the people into the load. (For the people load as you no doubt know, you count the number of bedrooms and then add one.) So, if there are three bedrooms you will put four people in the home. You add people to the rooms they will be in during the hottest part of the day. So, you added people to the kitchen, living room, family room etc… you think!  Are your sure? Did you add the right number of people? You don’t know!

You can go back through all the rooms and count the number of people you have entered…what a pain!

There is a quicker way.

Under the System data screen is a selection for Ventilation.





Click on the down arrow.




Do you see the the number of people you have entered listed here. Much simpler than scrolling through all the rooms and counting them – right?



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