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We like to give you tips to help you enter data quickly. Here’s one that we haven’t covered before – Import from RHVAC. import from rhvac iconNow this may seem a little silly – we’re in Rhvac. What are we importing?

Here’s the deal:

Suppose you work with a builder who uses the same construction material, and the floor plans are almost all the same. But one floor plan has three bedrooms and two baths, a great room with the kitchen area is open to it. This builder has a similar floor plan with three bedrooms and two baths but it has a kitchen, dining room and living room instead of just a great room / kitchen space.

The Import from RHVAC allows you to import specific information and rooms from a previous project and then just modify and add as needed.import from rhvac 1

With RHVAC open, start a new blank project.


Notice that all the screens are blank or just have the basic information like people loads defaults.

import from rhvac 2






We have done a heat load that has many of the same rooms, that’s in the same area and has the same construction material. So let’s import that information into this project file.

import from rhvac 3

Find the Import from RHVAC icon on the menu bar.





import from rhvac 4



The first step in the Import from RHVAC dialog box is to find the file you want to get the information from. In our example we want to pick up some stuff from the Lakewood Dev file. Click on the down arrow and search through until you find your file.






import from rhvac 5This project has the same project information and is built by the same developer. This means we can import the Project, Client, Company and Weather City (Design Conditions).

It also has the same configuration for the bedrooms and bath. So, we are also going to copy in the master bedroom, master bath and the other bedrooms and baths.


Once everything is selected, click on OK>

Notice that all the General Data Screen tabs are filled in:

import from rhvac 6




And we have Room Data screens for the Master Bedroom, Master Bath and the two bedrooms and baths.

import from RHVAC 7









We may have to rotate these rooms if they don’t face the same direction as the original project. And then we will add the Great Room and Kitchen.


Here’s a plus!

Have you ever wished you can make a drawing into a room by room file. Import from Rhvac will import a file done in Drawing Board but the data come in as a room by room. So you can make edits in the RHVAC Room Data screen.

Sorry, it doesn’t work the other way around – you can import a room by room file and create a drawing. Computers are smart but not that smart.




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