Infiltration Pointers

The type of structure for your project will affect the infiltration. Many people miss some steps to get an accurate infiltration. Here’s what your missing.

In the System Data screen select the down arrow in the infiltration field.

Our house is 1990 Sq. ft.

On the top of the dialog box select a single story house with 3 – 4 exposed walls. The winter infiltration is 0.38 and the summer is 0.2.


Now, let’s look at the effect of infiltration if this is a two story house. Notice that the winter Infiltration is 0.5 and the summer infiltration is 0.26.






Finally we will look at the infiltration if this structure is a townhouse or condo with 1-2 exposures. The winter infiltration is 0.43 and the summer is 0.23.


So it does matter how many exposures the structure has and if it is a single or multiple story house.






While we are here looking at the Infiltration screen, we’d like to call your attention to a feature that will speed up entering Infiltration.

If you have multiple systems in the house then you will need to do the Infiltration for each system. But infiltration is calculated for the conditioned space of the whole structure – not just the system you are working for. That means that each system will have the same infiltration. Using the Copy To.. function allows you to enter the infiltration information just once. A lot faster than going into each system to calculate the infiltration.


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