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Do you need to fix a mistake in the Default Data Screen?

Selecting the wrong information in the Default Material sections is a easy thing to do. And we all do it. But getting rid of everything in the line is time consuming… or it used to be. Did you know you can now delete a whole line in the Default?

When you are in the Room Data Screen there are shortcuts to deleting the whole line. Just as a reminder: default mis 1

On the top of the Room Data screen is a box with and x through it. When you put your cursor in a line of material you want to delete and click on this icon, everything in the line is gone.

default mis 2


But the Default Data Screen doesn’t have this option. So if you make a mistake and enter material you don’t want, do you have to delete each field one at a time? Nope.

All you have to do is put your cursor in the line in the Default Data Screen you want to delete. Now holding down the Shift key hit the F5.

default mis 3


(Special note: Some of the newer computers require you to hold down the FN key when using the Function keys (F1, F2, F3, etc. )

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