Making Notes Visible

Need to make sure that the customer and/or inspector are aware of any special conditions in a room? Did you know that you can put notes for the room in the Detailed Room Report?

In RHVAC9 there is a Notes section on the bottom right of the Room Data Screen. Any notes entered here will show up on the report for that room. You can type you notes right in the box. But if you want them to stand out you can do that too.

To make them prominent, open your Word Processing program. You can use WordPad (which comes with Windows) or Word. The Notepad program will not allow you to format the text, so don’t use Notepad.

In your word processor software type the data you want and format it. Here an example of a Microsoft Word file.notes 1

I made the font Adobe Gothic Std B and selected 18 point and red.

Highlight the entire text, click on the right mouse button and copy the text.

notes 2Now, in RHVAC, click on the down arrow next to the Notes field in the Room Data Screen.


notes 3

Put your cursor at the beginning of the box in the Room Notes dialog box. Paste the copied text. It will show with the font, size and color you set up in the Word Processor. Then close the file.

In the Reports, select the Detail Room Loads report. Here is what the note looks like for that room. It would be hard to miss this note, right?

notes 4

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