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Minimize “clutter” on the drawing

You’ve got the drawing done and you’ve added the duct. But you need to work on the walls. It’s hard to see the walls with all the ductwork in the way.

Did you know you can temporarily hide the duct – or any other item on the drawing – to minimize the “clutter?”

Here’s part of our plan. We’ve got to make some changes – like straightening a wall or perhaps we need to change the room size. Trying to get to those walls with all the duct in the way can be awkward.







On the Drawing Board Menu bar is the Layer’s option.

When you click on that, you can turn various parts of the drawing off so they aren’t visible.


We’re going to Uncheck the Visible box and click OK.



Now the ductwork is invisible – it’s still there but it isn’t visible on the screen.


Now you can work on the walls easier.



When you are done, simply reverse the process – putting a check back in the box.

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