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More about the Model View Function

In an issue last year we introduced you to the Model View. Some recent questions from some of our contractor friends suggests that it might be useful to look at the Model View function in more depth.

The Model View allows you to organize your favorite manufacturer’s equipment list by adding new models and deleting other models. Understanding the Model View function will make equipment selection in RHVAC easier.

Before we start editing the Model View, it is wise to make a copy of the existing database. That way the original database will always be available.

Select the File Explorer.

Then select the following:


C:/ Users / Public / Public Documents / Elite Software Data.

Under the Elite Software folder you will find Common and then Equipment Databases.






Select the database you will be working on. Then click on the right mouse and select copy. Click on the right mouse button again and select Paste. Now you have the original database and a copy. And you can get to both in the Equipment Selection function in RHVAC. You can modify the database without losing the original information.





You may choose a piece of equipment that is new and not in the database yet. It’s easy to add it so it will be there for future projects.

Under the Tools option on the Menu Bar, select the Manufacturer Database (Model View). The Model View dialog box opens.


First select the Manufacturer from the list of manufacturer’s databases that you have installed.

Then select the type. At the bottom of the screen is the Add New Model button.



When you select the Add New Model option another dialog box opens where you enter the information about the equipment.


The new equipment is available for you to select in the Equipment Selection section.

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