Need to move the license file to a new computer?

Here’s a common problem we get calls on.

The HVAC contractor gets a new computer. Now they need to install RHVAC, Drawing Board and other Elite Software programs into the new system. And guess what, they can’t find the CD they received or the new computer doesn’t have a CD drive.

This is an easy question.

To make the demo version of Elite Software a full licensed version you get a license file from Elite. It is a WEF file, and comes on the CD you received from Elite.wef file1Go to Windows Explorer. Select the Computer and then the C drive. Under Users / Public / Public Documents /  Elite Software Data / Rhvac 8 (or Rhvac 9). There you will find the .wef file. You find the WEF files for any other Elite program you own in the folder for that program.

Under the Elite Software Data folder are more folders – one for RHVAC.

This is where you find your License File.wef file 2

What you are looking for here is anything that is a WEF file. Depending on the version of Windows you are operating you will see a large black arrow or a notebook. But either way, you will see the file labeled WEF.


wef file icons

Just copy this file to a thumb (USB drive) and take it to the new computer. After you have downloaded the program from the Elite website, find the thumb drive in Windows Explorer and double click. If you have done it right, a dialog box opens to tell you it was successful.

Click on the right mouse and copy the file. With a Thumb drive in the computer, use Windows Explorer to find and paste the WEF file onto the thumb drive.

Put the drive in the new computer where you are installing of the software. Double click on the WEF file. You should get a dialog box to show that the installation to a full version was successful.

Note: take that thumb drive and store it somewhere safe. It is all you need in the future to make a demo your full version.




Another way to find the files: do a search of your computer files. Just type in *.WEF in the search box.

This can take a while if you have a lot on your computer because it needs to look at everything on your system to find the files.

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