New Features in RHVAC9

Version 9 includes the following powerful new features that were not in version 8.Tabular 1

  • Tabular Manual D Ductsize window: Calculate a Manual D for a duct system. Layout the ducts in a tree outline format including fittings and additional static pressure losses. The system calculates duct and register sizes and prepares a variety of Manual D reports.

    Manual S Equipment Performance Calculator

    Manual S Equipment Performance Calculator

  • Manual S Equipment Selection– This function helps properly size equipment. Enter the capacities from the equipment’s extended performance data that provides the sensible, latent capacity for a variety of operating conditions. The program calculates the actual capacities of the equipment for your design conditions and project requirements. The data is available in a Manual S Performance Data report.

  • Sloped Ceiling Area Calculator: Determines the area of a room’s sloped ceiling by letting you enter just a few dimensions. Select one slope for vaulted ceilings or two slopes for cathedral ceilings.
  • Copy general performance data individually rather than all or nothing when starting a new project or importing: Makes it so you can more precisely pull data from your other existing projects when starting a new project.

Other new features

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