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Basic Manual J Heat Load software  – overview class*

Monday Apr. 20 11 AM Eastern Time
Tuesday Apr. 21 7 pm Eastern Time
Wednesday Apr. 22 1 pm Eastern Time

Drawing Board  – overview*

Use Smart Objects to both draw the plans and do the Manual J Heat Load

Wednesday Apr. 22 3 pm Eastern Time
Thursday Apr 23 7 pm Eastern Time

Each course is only $50 per person

Course lasts 1 hour.

Click on the Add to Cart button if you wish to pay through PayPal.

Click here for a registration form if you wish to pay using a credit card. Online Class form apr 2020

Download the form to your computer. It may not work if you don’t download it first. Open it in any PDF Reader like Acrobat Reader. After filling it in on your computer, hit the submit button on the top right and to email it directly to us.

This form is for your convenience only. You can call or email if you prefer.

These classes are designed to give you enough basic knowledge to get started. Many need more than 1 hour to learn RHVAC and Drawing Board. Anyone who purchases the software through TftT gets an hour of training free of charge.

Basic Instructions:

  • Register for class – preregistration required. Class size is limited.
    • Choose a day and time
    • Fill out registration form or email at least 24 hours in advance
  • Pay through Paypal, use the registration form, or contact Training for the Trades at 859-468-6000
    • If using PayPal, click on the Add to Cart button next to the class you want to attend.
  • IMPORTANT: You must provide a valid email address.
    • A link to the class will be emailed to you 30 minutes prior to the start time.
    • Instructions and class material will also be emailed to you prior to the class.
  • We will be using the VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol.
    • That means you will hear us and be able to talk to us through your computer.
    • Make sure you test your computer’s speakers and mike before the class.
  • You will need to download a small program to access the class.
    • Some firewalls will block the class.
    • It would be wise just to turn the firewall off before the class – but make sure you turn it back on when the class is completed.

Call us at 859-468-600 or email to

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