Online Class Schedule

Upcoming Sessions

1 hour overview on the software.

RHVAC Overview           Drawing Board Overview

Mon., Feb 2 – 6 pm        Wed., Feb 4, – 6 pm

Thurs., Feb. 5  – 6 pm      Sat., Feb. 7 – 10 am

Sat., Feb. 14 – 10 am        Mon., Feb. 9- 6 pm

Use this form to register for these overviews or email to or call 859-468-6000.

Register for Join.Me Software Overviews

Select any dates you wish to take an online overview if the Elite Software. You can select more than one.


Online Classes

Up to 3 hours of hands on training. If you don’t own the software but wish to get trained on it, you can download a free demo version at When you download RHVAC, Drawing Board’s demo is also being installed.

RHVAC Training             Drawing Board Training

Tues., Feb. 6 – 8 pm      Thurs., Feb. 5 – 8 pm
Mon., Feb. 9 – 8 pm       Sat. Feb. 14 – 10 am







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