Organize Equipment Files in Model View

Most manufacturer’s databases can be quite extensive. It’s likely you won’t use  every piece of equipment in the database.

No problem! You can delete any units don’t want in your list.

Open up the Model View – go to Tools on the menu bar and select Manufacturer’s Database (Model View).


First check on the top of the dialog box to select the database you have installed and want to work on.







If the current database isn’t the right one, click on the Select Other Manufacturer. The databases you have installed show up. Choose the one you want.





At the bottom of the Model View dialog box are options to Delete Selected Models and Delete Range.

Now, let’s assume you never choose any units with an SEER lower than 12. You’ll notice that there are quite a few less than 12 SEER. Let’s delete those.



Click on the button Delete Range of Models.  Click on the radio button next to List Efficiencies less than and enter 12 for your SEER.




Next click on the button to the right that reads Click here to Fill Model Deletion List.

All the models that meet the criteria fill the bottom of the screen.

To remove all these, click on the Delete All button, click Yes if you are sure. Now these units are no longer in the database.

If some equipment has been added to the list that you want to keep, you highlight any equipment to  delete and click on the Remove Selected Model. You will need to delete these one at a time, leaving only the ones you want to keep.

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