DVD Pricing

Please note: DVDs will not play in CD players. Before you order, make sure you have a DVD player available.

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TftT DVDsPricePayPal Link
Hit the Load, J - training on RHVAC (English and Spanish version on one disk)$85
Now That's a Plan - Drawing Board Training$65
Tabular - training on the Tabular function$45
Basic Duct Principals$125
CHVAC 101$169
Right on the Money - comprehensive guide to Bill of Materials$85


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(Lama) indicates DVDs from Lama Books

(TTA) indicates DVDs, CDs and Audio from Technical Training Associates

Other DVDsPricePayPal Link
A/C and Refrigeration Systems (Lama)$296
HVACR Electrical Systems Instructor CDs (Lama)$296
Control System Control System Basics for HVAC Technicians - CD (TTA)$31
Electrical Fundamentals for HVAC DVD (TTA)$79.95
Using Schematics to Troubleshoot DVD (TTA)$59.95
Heat Pump Refrigeration Systems DVD (TTA)$79.95
Heat Pump Electrical Systems DVD (TTA)$79.95
Comfort Cooling System Troubleshooting DVD (TTA)$29.95
TXV Refrigeration Systems DVD (TTA)$29.95
Potential Relays & Start Capacitors DVD (TTA)$29.95
Understanding Control Transformers DVD (TTA)$29.95
Compressor Motor Windings DVD (TTA)$29.95
Semi-Hermetic Compressors DVD (TTA)$29.95
Multiple Speed Fan Motors & Relays DVD (TTA)$29.95
HVACR Troubleshooting: Deciding to Begin DVD (TTA)$49.95
HVACR Troubleshooting: Component Testing DVD (TTA)$49.95
Evaluating Refrigeration Systems: Troubleshooting & Identifying Problems DVD (TTA)$39.95
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