Rotating a Building

This question came from one of our customers in South Carolina, “I’ll get a plan from a contractor but they aren’t sure which way the front door will face.”

Handling this is actually easier than you might expect.

Rotation 1

First, do the heat load based upon the front door facing any direction you choose.

When you print reports for the project include the Building Rotation Report.

On the top is a report on the effect of 8 directions on the each room. On the bottom is the report on the whole house. Where you see the star or asterisk next a number is the worst case scenario.

Using this information the contractor can choose a direction that will give the smallest load.

Rotation 2

Once the decision is made you need to change the direction of the house.his is where the Rotate function comes in handy.

On the top of the Room Data screen, locate the Rotate function.Rotation 3

In the Rotate or Mirror section choose a reference wall. It can be any wall.

Under New Direction indicate which direction you want the wall in the Reference Direction to face.

Click on the Rotate button and now the whole house has been rotated. When you look at the Load Preview you should see the change. Click on the Refresh button on the top left of the Load Preview screen to make sure the change was recorded.

Rotation 4You want to rotate all the rooms so click on the Mark All button just to make sure.

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