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Save time – a lot of time

Our friend, Eddie Lammers, suggested we take a look at this. He’s right, this is great!

Measuring the rooms for a retrofit can take forever, right? Not anymore!

Check out MagicPlan from Sensopia.

Using your phone or tablet’s camera, point to a corner of the room and click. Now point to the next corner and click. Keep doing that until you have worked your way around the room to measure the room, including doors. Add windows and other objects and you have the plan for that room.







After you’ve done every room, assemble them into a floor plan for the whole structure. Save the floor plan as a JPG, PDF, or any of the several different formats.

This drawing can be imported into Drawing Board to do the heat load from a drawing.

MagicPlan is extremely affordable – starting at only $3.99 for each plan. Go to Magic-Plan.com to download the free version to give it a try. But you want at least to get the On Demand version to make objects like windows and doors available to add to the plan.

MagicPlan is only works on devices with a gyroscope, a camera and Android 4.0 or higher. MagicPlan requires a gyroscope to capture rooms with the camera.

To check if your device has a gyroscope, download on your device an app that lists sensors (For example: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=imoblife.androidsensorbox



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