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We are an authorized reseller for Elite Software’s HVAC programs. These programs allow the contractor to quickly and efficiently perform many HVAC tasks. If you stumble across  a problem or something that doesn’t work like you think it should, we’ll try to fix the problem. We’re available 24 hrs 7 days a week. Don’t know how to run the program? Check out our training classes, DVDs or books. Click on the program name to see more about the software.

          Residential/Light Commercial Load Calculation Software, based on ACCA’s Manual J 8th Edition

Drawing Board……….$299
          Graphical Drawing Add-on for RHVAC, CHVAC and Ductsize

Manual D Ductsize……….$199
          Graphical Residential Duct-Sizing and Layout add-on for Drawing Board, based on ACCA’s Manual D

CHVAC……….$299 – $1499
          Commercial Load Calculation Software, based on ASHRAE Standard 62

Bill of Materials……….$299
          Create a materials list and estimate directly from RHVAC, MD Ductsize or CHVAC.

Energy Audit……….$399 – $699
          Residential/Light Commercial Energy Analysis Software.

Other Elite Software Programs

  • Proposal Maker – Proposal Creation Add-on for Rhvac and Energy Audit…..$299
  • Gasvent – Gas Ventilation Design Software…..$199
  • IAQ Tools – Software for Common Indoor Air Quality Tasks….$349
  • H-Tools – Collection of Tools for Common HVAC Tasks…..$299
  • PsyChart –  Psychrometric Analysis and Design Software…..$199

Other software

the Energy Partners Manual S Spreadsheet.………. 1 system – $75  or 10 systems – $175

Insert Manufacturer’s equipment performance data and allow the spreadsheet to perform the Manual S calculations.



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