Bill of Materials

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The Bill of Materials program makes it easy, fast and accurate to prepare an estimate for your customer and a “shopping list” for each vendor… and you won’t forget anything you need for the project.
Bill of Materials picks up the equipment, duct materials and fitting from the RHVAC program and creates a list of materials by vendor. The program calculates your costs to buy the materials and the customer’s estimate. You can even add the technician’s shop and installation time and costs and the taxes.Bill of Materials screen

  • Preset your costs, mark-up, prices, labor and taxes in the database.
  • Easily edit parts in your current list and add new parts and supplies.
  • Build the estimate for a project manually.
  • Allows automatic ductwork takeoff from the Manual D Ductsize drawing.
  • Customize the report layout.
  • Create any kind of bill of materials report you want.

Works with RHVAC9 and RHVAC8, Drawing Board and Manual D Ductsize.

 Right on the Money

bom book and diskA  comprehensive guide to Elite Software’s Bill of Materials.

Bill of Materials is fast and accurate – but time and thought is required in the initial setup. Right on the Money’s book and video provides complete instructions for all the program’s unique and powerful features.

Special Pricing

Bill of Materials – Software       $299
Right on the Money – Book       $  95
Right on the Money – Video      $  85



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