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  • energy and cost analyses on heating and cooling   equipment.
  • calculates monthly and annual heating and cooling expenses for a residential or light commercial building.
  • cost-benefit comparisons between different HVAC systems so the user can see the differences in operating costs between these air handlers and make an informed choice in A/C equipment that will save money.audit pic 2

Energy Audit comes in three different packages. The base package allows the user to perform energy and cost analyses on a home using the heat load calculation and the desired HVAC equipment. The second package additionally allows the user to take other appliances in the house into consideration, such as lights, TVs, and hot water heaters when calculating the energy costs of the home. The third package does all of this, and also allows the user to enter past utility bills to generate a disaggregation report.

Energy Audit supports a wide range of HVAC equipment, and can import data directly from RHVAC and CHVAC projects.

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