Speed up starting a new project

With all we have to do each day, anything that helps speed thing up is a good thing – a very good thing. RHVAC has lots of functions to speed up doing a heat load. Here’s one:

Any project you have created can be opened through the New Project function. Then you can select the data in the existing project you want to use in the new project.

Speedy new project 1When you highlight an existing project there’s a lot of information about the exiting project and options to use in the new project.

On the right side you can look at the general project information, the design conditions as well as a diagram of the systems, zones and rooms in the project. You can use this to make sure you are using the right project when starting a new one.




speedy new project 2




On the bottom left choose what data you want copied in. If the new project uses the same material as the existing project but the rooms are very different, then make sure that the box next to default is check.

But if the new project is almost the same as the existing project, you can copy in all the rooms by checking next to the Room Data box. This reads all the rooms from the existing project into the new project. Then all you have to do is adjust any room sizes or materials that are different and rotate the structure.

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