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Our Tale of Woe! Lesson Learned!

We are constantly preaching the wisdom of setting up defaults before starting any part of a project. Well, as embarrassing as it is, we’re [...]

Minimize “clutter” on the drawing

You’ve got the drawing done and you’ve added the duct. But you need to work on the walls. It’s hard to see the walls with all the duct [...]

Fixing the Catalog Browser in Drawing Board

Sometimes, in Drawing Board, the Object Properties box and/or the Catalog Browser will get “disconnected” from the frame. This c [...]

Using the PDF for a quick Heat Load with Drawing Board

In the last issue of How To we showed how to create a JPEG from a PDF drawing. Our friend, Len Gaspery, added a comment with instructions to [...]

The Drawing Board Catalog is gone

    When you open Drawing Board you should have both a Catalog Browser and an Object Properties box on the left like the one here [...]

Text is too large in Drawing Board

When the room label gets too big it is probably because you accidentally clicked on one of the nodes on one of the four corners and pulled i [...]
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