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When you have a Dehumidifier in the system

From our instructor and friend, Tim Pierre, New Orleans, LA We have been using dehumidifiers with increasing frequency in the new homes and [...]

Organize Equipment Files in Model View

Most manufacturer’s databases can be quite extensive. It’s likely you won’t use  every piece of equipment in the database. No pro [...]

Help with Equipment Sensible Load

RHVAC has a table of the sensible and latent loads for equipment. Using this function makes your estimate of sensible equipment much more ac [...]

Did I enter the …?

Have you ever gotten almost finished with the heat load for a large house and don’t remember if you put the powder room in, or added the e [...]

Import from RHVAC Function

We like to give you tips to help you enter data quickly. Here’s one that we haven’t covered before – Import from RHVAC. Now this may s [...]

Fixing the Catalog Browser in Drawing Board

Sometimes, in Drawing Board, the Object Properties box and/or the Catalog Browser will get “disconnected” from the frame. This c [...]

Customize the Menu Bar – Part 2

In the last issue we showed you how to make the icons on the menu bar easier to see. Now we’re going to show you how to organize the toolb [...]

Adding Default Information into Room Data

The developers of RHVAC understand that we all have different ways of thinking; so, they give us different ways to do the same task. You jus [...]


This may seem basic, but it is amazing how many people don’t know about the great help in RHVAC. RHVAC has a comprehensive built in manual [...]

Using the PDF for a quick Heat Load with Drawing Board

In the last issue of How To we showed how to create a JPEG from a PDF drawing. Our friend, Len Gaspery, added a comment with instructions to [...]
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