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Which one of the Roof/Attic options do I choose?

The Roof Material Type 16 in the RHVAC (and ACCA) Tables give you a lot of options. What’s the difference? They seem the same! [...]

How many people did I put in?

Okay, this is a common problem… You finish the load and you are confident you’ve added the people into the load. (For the people loa [...]

When you have a Dehumidifier in the system

From our instructor and friend, Tim Pierre, New Orleans, LA We have been using dehumidifiers with increasing frequency in the new homes and [...]

Help with Equipment Sensible Load

RHVAC has a table of the sensible and latent loads for equipment. Using this function makes your estimate of sensible equipment much more ac [...]

Using the PDF for a quick Heat Load with Drawing Board

In the last issue of How To we showed how to create a JPEG from a PDF drawing. Our friend, Len Gaspery, added a comment with instructions to [...]

Do you need to fix a mistake in the Default Data Screen?

Selecting the wrong information in the Default Material sections is a easy thing to do. And we all do it. But getting rid of everything in t [...]

Troubleshooting Tips

We recently were reviewing an RHVAC project where the Net Loss seemed excessive. We reviewed the construction material, the design weather c [...]

Entering an Attic Bonus Room

We got this question from the Crown Group, a terrific HVAC firm in Uniontown, OH. What do we enter when we have a bonus room in the attic wi [...]

Rotating a Building

This question came from one of our customers in South Carolina, “I’ll get a plan from a contractor but they aren’t sure which way [...]

A quick way to start your project

We advise our customers to set up a file that includes their general information and save the file as a default. Then whenever you start a n [...]
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