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How many people did I put in?

Okay, this is a common problem… You finish the load and you are confident you’ve added the people into the load. (For the people loa [...]

When you have a Dehumidifier in the system

From our instructor and friend, Tim Pierre, New Orleans, LA We have been using dehumidifiers with increasing frequency in the new homes and [...]

Adding Default Information into Room Data

The developers of RHVAC understand that we all have different ways of thinking; so, they give us different ways to do the same task. You jus [...]

Entering Skylight

No matter how many heat loads I’ve done with RHVAC there is always something that I forget – mainly because I don’t do it [...]

Entering an Attic Bonus Room

We got this question from the Crown Group, a terrific HVAC firm in Uniontown, OH. What do we enter when we have a bonus room in the attic wi [...]

Rotating a Building

This question came from one of our customers in South Carolina, “I’ll get a plan from a contractor but they aren’t sure which way [...]

What is the Duct Schedule?

You’ve seen the Duct Schedule in the General Project Data Screen. But do you know what it’s for? The Duct Schedule allows you to [...]

Calculating TD for Partition Walls, Floors, etc.

Have you wondered how to handle partition walls in RHVAC? It’s a common question about what to enter into the program and can be confu [...]

Speed up starting a new project

With all we have to do each day, anything that helps speed thing up is a good thing – a very good thing. RHVAC has lots of functions [...]

Closed the project before I saved it

Ice and snow, wind, or just someone tripping over the computer’s power cord – there lots of reasons your RHVAC file get’s [...]
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