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The Drawing Board Catalog is gone

Lost catalog 6



When you open Drawing Board you should have both a Catalog Browser and an Object Properties box on the left like the one here.

Sometimes the Catalog Browser and/or Object Properties box seems to disappear.  This could be because the they are either closed or minimized.

If it is closed the boxes can be reopened with the icons on the menu bar. If it has been minimized there are arrows on the top of the Catalog Browser and Object Properties box to get the items back.Lost catalog 3

The icon labeled A opens a closed object properties box.

The icon in the middle of the menu bar labeled here as B opens the Catalog Browser.


lost catalog 5





It’s possible that the catalog or Object Properties box is still open, just hidden. On the top right side of the Catalog Browser and Object Properties box are an X and a small arrow. Use the arrow to change the size of the box.

When the arrow points down, click on it to minimize the section. When it points up, click on it to increase the size.

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