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Troubleshooting Tips

find errorWe recently were reviewing an RHVAC project where the Net Loss seemed excessive. We reviewed the construction material, the design weather condition, and the dimensions; everything that seemed logical place to create the problem. But everything seemed fine.

Finally one of our team went into the infiltration screen. We noticed that the Infiltration was set as Direct Entry AC/hr and was set at 1.oops 2

When we changed that and used the Manual J Air Changes per hour Method the Net Loss became reasonable.

Another technical call involved a Negative Latent Load. When we reviewed the contractor’s file we found there were no dimensions or directions entered for the windows.

What’s our point?  When you have a problem and the load just doesn’t seem right, review every entry you’ve made. A small error somewhere can make a big difference in the outcome. And it may not always seem logical.

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