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Using the PDF for a quick Heat Load with Drawing Board

In the last issue of How To we showed how to create a JPEG from a PDF drawing. Our friend, Len Gaspery, added a comment with instructions to create a BMP. These graphics can be imported into Drawing Board and then “traced” over for the drawing.

In Drawing Board select File / Import / Into Drawing. Find your JPEG or BMP and click on Open.import db 1

You’ll find the drawing in the top left – really small. Click on it and drag it to the middle of the page. Then click on one of the white nodes and pull it to start stretching the drawing to a larger size.

import db 2









import db 3



When the size seems right, use the dimension line tool to measure a room size. Go to Draw and select the Dimension Line.

import db 4You’ll get a cursor like this.



Put the point of the triangle on one of the walls. Hold down the left mouse and drag it to the other wall and let go. You now have the import db 5width measurement of the room in the drawing.








In this example the stretched the drawing from left to right is 23’6″. Our room is actually 20′ 6″, so it is too big.
import db 9

If the room is bigger or smaller, find the Select tool – it’s on the upper left of the Drawing Board Menu Bar – that black outlined arrow.  Then click on the drawing and gab a node. Pull it out to make it bigger, shove it in to make it smaller.

import db 10

Now click on the dimension line. Grab the node on one end and move it to line up with the walls. Keep doing that until the horizontal dimension is the same as the room in the plan.import db 8








Repeat this process for the vertical dimension.

You only need to size one room, because as you stretch and size one room all the rest of the rooms are also being sized correctly.

Now you are ready to trace over the drawing using the Drawing Board Smart Objects.

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