What is the yellow duct icon in RHVAC 9 do?

If you use RHVAC regularly you’re probably familiar with the basic functions you use to perform a heat load. But there are all these other icons on the menu bar you rarely, if ever, look at. We’ve been giving you information on some of these in earlier versions of the newsletter. Here’s another RHVAC function you probably haven’t tried…Tabular, which you find by clicking on the yellow duct icon.

If you have to submit a Manual D calculation then you will find the Tabular functionTabular 1 in RHVAC9 an invaluable tool.

As you layout the duct and add fittings for your system in Tabular all the Manual D calculations are being performed. Tabular calculates the friction rate, sizes the trunk and runout ducts and calculates the register for each runout based on the airflow for the room.Tabular 2

Tabulr 3Fittings found in Manual D along with their equivalent lengths are embedded in the program. But if you have a fitting that isn’t in Manual D, it’s easy to create custom fittings.

Tabular has several different reports available. And the Project Report page includes the note, “Calculations are performed per ACCA’s Manual J 8th Editions, Version 2 and ACCA’s Manual D.”Tabular 3

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