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A  guide to Elite Software’s Bill of Materials.

The Bill of Materials program makes it easy, fast and accurate to prepare an estimate for your customer and a “shopping list” for each vendor… and you won’t forget anything you need for the project.
Bill of Materials picks up the equipment, duct materials and fitting from the RHVAC program and creates a list of materials by vendor. The program calculates your costs to buy the materials and the customer’s estimate. You can even add the technician’s shop and installation time and costs and the taxes.

Available as a book and a video.

Special Pricing

Bill of Materials – Software        $295
Right on the Money – Book       $  95
Right on the Money – Video      $  85




TakeOff Wizardheat loaf form on comuter

Easy to use forms to gather information for your Heat Load

Very detailed digital forms—contain most construction material types, room details and notes sections.

Save hours. No more forgetting  necessary construction details.  Fill out the forms on your  laptop or tablet on the job site then email to your office.

Also helpful to organize information from a blueprint.  Stop jumping back and forth between the blueprint and your heat load software.

Roof, floor, wall, door and glass sections remind you of the information needed to do an accurate heat load.

Three forms are included in the package:

  • Construction material only in digital format
  • Construction material and room-by room details in digital format.
  • Printed version of construction material form


for all three forms

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