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When more than one person works on the RHVAC file

NOTE RHVAC8 Users: There are no updates for RHVAC8. Please don’t follow these instructions.

Recently we did a heat load for a customer who owns RHVAC but was in a bind. When we emailed him the load some of the data was missing. What was going on?

multiple users1



Here’s what we sent.








Here’s what showed up when he opened it.


Do you see that the duct load factor data is missing?



What happened?

We were working on different versions of the program.

Sharing files – whether it’s with a colleague or between your computer in the office and the system at home – is handy. But you should make sure all the computers are using the same version.

multiple users2





Go to the Help option on the menu bar. At the bottom is About RHVAC. Check the version number. If they are not the same update BOTH programs. That should fix your problem.

multiple users3

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